ThinkAbout is an IT Consultancy specialising in enterprise solution and architecture. We have many years experience overseeing successful implementations for large companies and government departments. Our aim is to make software design and implementation simple, so that our clients can focus on what they do best...running their business.

Our Story

ThinkAbout has been operating since 2008 and has completed many projects with great outcomes. Our clients include some of Australia's largest companies and government departments such as TheGoodGuys (TGG), TechnologyOne, Microsoft and the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM). Although our signature product is the asf, we also specialise in a broad range of Microsoft products and technologies including Azure, Azure Devops, Biztalk, SharePoint, CRM and .NET.


We've assisted many companies with the design and architecture of new software, a process which can be complex, time consuming and is often accompanied with an elevated level of risk. Being involved with a large number of projects, our team identified and acknowledged there are many similarities between most applications that are developed, with the business domain being the primary difference.


For this reason we saw the need for turn-key design and implementation. The asf has evolved over 10 years and has been used to develop some of Australia’s largest .NET projects. In particular, the asf was used to develop the new Point-Of-Sale for TheGoodGuys and the new Land Titling System for DNRM.


ThinkAbout is the only company in Australia to offer a development framework built using the latest technologies and industry best practice.  We have an active user base and an outstanding consultancy and support structure to assist with any software development project.


ThinkAbout is continuing to disrupt the IT industry, challenging traditional practices and putting customers before profit. We’re passionate about technology and business and work with our clients to help drive efficiency and growth.