The asf provides an end-to-end solution based on Industry Best Practice out-of-the-box, allowing companies to fast track the software development process.


Take the risk out of custom software development and build your next application using the asf.

The asf is a turn-key, cloud compliant, development framework which can dramatically reduce the time, cost and risk associated with building a WPF application. With the asf you can take advantage of the latest technologies and industry best practice without the need for specialist knowledge and experience.

The primary purpose of the asf is to facilitate and accelerate the development process, by providing the core functionality required by your application. While the asf can provide rigid guidelines for a development team, the framework is also highly scalable and configurable, meaning most aspects can be modified to suite your needs.​

Similar to SharePoint, the asf provides a shell application out-of-the-box. Domain specific logic and screens can then be included, while taking advantage of the underlying services, such as data access, security, role based claims, configuration, logging, menus, skinning, reporting etc.

What is it?

Companies using the asf

The asf is being used by many large companies and government departments to deliver enterprise –level architecture and solutions. The asf has proven to be extremely versatile, having being used to develop software ranging from Point of Sale to Land Titling. ThinkAbout is also committed to the ongoing success of our clients through our support and consultancy services.

Value for money

The asf can greatly reduce the cost associated with your next WPF project. This is achieved by significantly reducing the resourcing required, the duration of the project and the expected support and maintenance, without compromising on the quality and reliability of the end product.

Support and maintenance

Support and maintenance for new software is often underestimated, and in many cases can exceed the original development cost. However, with the asf you’re benefiting from a community of users all of which have contributed to the stability and reliability of the product. The asf provides many features which simplify the task of debugging and fixing of issues, including common patterns and practices, code automation and appropriate levels of logging and auditing.

Easy to use and customise

The asf delivers a turn-key approach to developing large enterprise applications. Although the asf provides the complete architecture, including database, service layer, logging, security, user interface, skin and administration screens, most aspects of the solution can be easily replaced or customised.

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ThinkAbout and the Application Space Framework have enabled us to successfully develop our new Point Of Sale. Their commitment to our business and passion for innovative yet affordable design has proven an invaluable relationship for The Good Guys​.